A seasoned professional in the field of industrial safety, Jeff Davis Long Beach has been developing his career in the petrochemical business since 1994. Davis’s current employer is Beacon Energy Services, Inc., where he offers his services as an environmental and safety regulations expert. Boasting government-approved teaching certifications from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Department of Transportation, Davis is a key player in assuring the safety of his clients’ petrochemical refineries and terminals. A developer of educational safety programs, Jeff Davis Long Beach instills safe practices and principles in employees of all levels of experience.

In addition to his educational capacities, Davis also offers consultation services. Given that petrochemical facilities handle large quantities of potentially hazardous products, Davis’ role is to guide each facility through the rigorous process of meeting regulations emplaced by federal, state, and local authorities to ensure the protection of workers and the environment.

Outside of the petrochemical world, Jeff Davis Long Beach offers his talents as a rock guitarist to the hospital charity event “Rock Band,” a music therapy program for military veterans. Davis also plays for fundraising marathons and other special events in support of the program.


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